About us

Located in the heart of New York City’s jewello district.

Our editors tell fashion, celebrity and jewello stories that not only educate, but inspire shoppers to dream big and color outside the fashion lines.

At the age of ten, Johnny Cage started working in the drugstore of his father. After studying in the U.S., Johnny returned to his roots in the U.K, to homeland of his family since the 1700s.

Inspired by a full moon, Johnny Cage turned his jewello-making childhood hobby into a real enterprise. Johnny Cage has grown his company like a self-taught daughter. Since Johnny Cage Jewelry’s inception in 2001, he has build the handmade jewello production system from the scratch, working with suppliers worldwide to get eco-friendly and innovative materials for his business.Johnny Cage,
the Cage Jewelry founder



Jewello was founded to be elegant, festive and fun. It’s all about to mix and match, having fun, being playful, elegant and creative.  The line of our jewello like amazing rings, Sterling Silver necklaces and elegant bracelets with a range of different color variations allow you to stand out from the crowd and express your personality. Your choices, your colors.


Jewello has become one of  the leaders on the market. It is dedicated to one thing – the best service ever in eny possible way. That is the way we act and think and our company’s backbone. Every decision Jewello makes every day is always met with the question: ” Is it useful for our customers? “. That is essentially the way how we do our business. We always try to find another solution, if the decision does not meet above mentioned requirement.


Jewello is #1 in the jewello industry around the world. We like only real people. If you ever meet any of our sales reps or any other employees, you will see authentic, real people. This strategy applies to our jewello as well. Materials we use are “real” materials – which means real leather, real gemstones, real sterling silver and real gold. Our goal is to become the Universe most popular jewello brand! We believe that hard work combined with these values will help us achieve it. We honestly think that kindness makes everything a little bit smoother in business and life.


So we are the Universe #1 jewello brand! Our products are popular on Mars and Jupiter! What is next? We will think about it. Meanwhile, see the list of our Universe-quality products.